There are numerous reasons why truck drivers need to invest in top notch GPS for truck drivers and some of the reasons include:

Helps to avoid non friendly truck routes and bridge strikes

One of the benefits of getting GPS for the drivers is the fact that it offers unit input for the truck dimensions. The unit utilizes the measurements to determine the best routes for the truck which helps to make the journey more convenient and it can also save you a lot of money for repairs.

Comply with regulations that have been set by the government

Although there are no rules yet that mandate the use of GPS in the trucks, rules are about to change as there was a press release on March 2014 by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration where a proposal was announced to require interstate bus companies and the commercial trucks to have the systems in a bid to enhance safety and reduce paperwork.

Skip traffic congestion

The GPS systems can also help the drivers save time and money as it directs drivers to routes that have less traffic allowing them to stop accordingly. There are some that also give out severe weather alert so that drivers can know the routes to avoid.

Save diesel costs

There are some systems that may point out drivers to gas stations with cheaper diesel fuel which can help save on costs at the end of the day.

Speed light and red camera locations

This is very important for truck drivers as it helps to give extra warning when they are approaching a high threat intersection and it will also help them avoid costly red light and speed camera tickets.

To take advantage of all the above and more, some of the features that you should look out for when picking out the GPS unit include:

It should be truck friendly-do not go for a regular GPS as this will not help you out in any way bit go for one that is truck friendly so that it can help you out in the best way possible.

Durability and bright screen- truck drivers need a GPS system that will last for a long time and that they can see clearly to use it in the proper way.

Enhanced truck routing- this helps the driver to know the best route to use during his/her journey.

Connectivity and features- it is recommended that you get one that has WiFi capabilities for real time alerts on construction and weather as well as options to log usage of fuels and other expenses.

The market is filled with numerous options for a person looking for GPS for trucks and one of the best options include:

Garmin nuvi 50LM 5 inch portable GPS navigator with lifetime maps- this features 5 inch LCD display and supports micoSD, it also has free lifetime maps with more than 6 million point, a speed limit indicator, USB mass storage and other features that the driver will find quite useful when they are out there on the road trying to deliver the products they have making it one of the best GPS for truck drivers.

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