As a truck driver when looking for a job, you need to be very careful about the company that you are going to work for as not all of them have your best interests at heart. This simply means that you have to carry out some research before you settle on the companies where you are going to send out your applications. You can even go a step further to talk to some of the drivers who have worked for the company to find out the kind of experience they had to know if it is your company of choice. These are also the best people to let you know if there are any vacancies that you can take advantage of. In line with this, you also have to read through the contract you are given carefully to know exactly what is expected from you as well as the terms of service so that you are not caught off guard in any way. Below is a list of trucking companies that you can try out.

1. CH Robinson

This is a company that is an expert on the road, air, ocean and rail offering effective freight shipping solutions that can simply clients global supply chain. As a driver here you can be assured that you will be given great terms and perks that you will enjoy. They are not in the business of overworking anyone and when you work overtime, you will be well compensated so that you do not feel like you are a slave. The managers here are also friendly and you will be given all the guidance you need to make certain that you are able to carry out your duties without any complications to have a pleasant experience that you will like.

2. American Freightways

This can be described as an integrated logistics provider that seeks to provide consistent, reliable and timely transportation of goods. The company also takes good care of its drivers as it knows that without them the business would not be as successful as it is. Their remunerations are equal to the labor that you will be doing which means that you will not end up feeling wasted in any way to help you enjoy working more. They also give person hours that they can manage easily implying that you will not get overworked which can end up bringing you numerous complications.

3. Werner

This is a company that goes the extra mile to offer all its clients a face that goes with their broker voice to make sure that their needs are met in the best way possible. Drivers here are given a great opportunity to serve clients with great pay that compliments the number of hours they have worked. Once you get the job, you can be assured that you will get a total of $2500 qualified hire sign on bonus that is paid out over a period of 6 months which applies to specific van/dedicated accounts.

4. Schneider

This is a company that offers unmatched shipping capacity that is complimented by the industry’s best professionals, technology and communication offering everything that is needed to get the job done properly. Since it has already created a name in the industry, it also strives to create the ideal working environment for all the drivers that are lucky to get placed with them. The managers’ offer you all the support that you need to get ahead and most of the time they offer flexible hours so that you are not working all your life. The pay is also good and this comes with a couple of benefits to reward you for the hard work done.


This is another great company that guarantees its clients that they will get the best possible services for all their transportation needs. This is a company that values all its drivers as they are a huge part of their team something that contributes highly to its success. This means that it strives to offer the ideal working conditions that the drivers can comfortably work in. The company also gives the drivers a chance to grow in their career so that they can enjoy better fulfillment in the job. It also offers great pay for the hours that a person has worked so that drivers do not feel cheated.