This is a common question among many people seeking to take truck driving lessons. The choice of a truck driving school will affect your entire training process and also have a major bearing on your driving success. While some people might consider the location of the driving school as an important factor in the selection, there are many other things that you should concentrate on as these have a major implication of your training and graduation. Below are some of the most important factors you should consider when searching for a truck driving school.

How to choose the best truck driving schools

Quality of training: – A truck driving school is as good as the quality of training provided. While there are many schools offering a huge fleet of trucks and with a high graduation rate, it is important to understand that this doesn’t necessarily translate into quality training. A good truck training school should be able to provide quality classroom training with hands-on experience. Always look for a school that has state-licensed programs to be offered on the road and range.

Cost of training: – As you look for a good truck driving school, the temptation of enrolling in the cheapest school is always there. However, this could prove to be a costly mistake which you should avoid at all cost. Having said this, it is important to consider the cost range and balance this with other factors. Normally, the cost of training programs range between $3,000 to $6,000 and this is determined on where you live as well as your previous experience. Some CDL schools offer free* tuition classes but this is pegged on job replacement in the company for a given period of time.

Job placement: – Some of the best truck driving schools normally offer assistance to help their trainees find jobs in different places or companies. Having paid the money for your CDL training, it is only fair that you find a job to do and this start earning an income immediately. You should look at whether the truck driving school has a policy that helps you to find a paying job after training. In most cases, this is possible especially for schools that have a solid backing for their training programs and trainees.

Duration of training: – Driving an 80,000lbs truck is not a child’s play. Your training should be thorough and this will take some time to complete. You should run away from any company that promises to train you within a week as this can only mean that the training offered is poor in quality. In most cases, programs from the best truck driving schools take 3-4 weeks minimum.

Fleet of trucks: – A CDL School that has only one or two trucks might not give you the desired training. This is true especially if there are many trainees enrolled for the truck driving program. Along with other factors, it is important to look for a school that offers a variety of trucks in different categories. This will help ensure that you spend quality time training and are exposed to a wide variety of resources.

What are best truck driving schools?

A good truck driving school should exhibit these five characteristics. It is good to look for a school that partner with respected trucking companies around the country to help you land a well-paying job as a truck driver once you graduate. The best truck driving schools should also have a history and the desired experience especially for their trainers. Do not fall for cheap prices or schools close to your location. Your training will be preparing you to be safe and keep other road users safe as well.