Pursuing a career as a truck driver can be an exciting adventure. Almost all new truck drivers normally begin their career as over the road trucking drivers or OTR and this is completely different from less-than-truckload or LTL which involves relatively small freights. OTR drivers normally haul what is commonly known as longer length loads on the highways across the country. Generally, OTR is known as an irregular route in that the truckers get to move to different destinations all the time but do enjoy the liberty of the open road.

Why OTR experience is important for new drivers

As aforementioned, OTR jobs are normally the beginning point for most new truck drivers wishing to launch into the promising trucking industry. Once you have gone through CDL training and learnt the how to drive trucks on the road, you will need to enhance your skills and grow your experience and there is no better way to do this other than starting in over the road trucking. By driving over the road trucks for at least one year, you will be able to gain the necessary experience as a new truck driver. This will help you grow in the trucking profession thus improving your chances of getting high paying jobs as a trucker. All jobs opportunities offered by CDL schools are OTR, truckload driving positions. This is intended to help you as a new truck driver to gain the experience required for a successful, long-term career as a trucker.

Over the road truck driver salary

Truck drivers are normally paid an hourly wage. They are also entitled to bonuses and overtime but there are also many factors that are used to determine their overall remuneration. An Over the road trucker earns an average hourly wage of between $14.50 and $19.90. This translates to an annual average salary of between $30,300 and $41,400. There are however some OTR truckers who earn an hourly wage of $27 which translates into $56,300 annually.

The salary normally varies from one industry to the other with some industry truck drivers such as those working in food service industry earning more compared to those in freight forwarding industry. Those in food service industry typically earn between $44,919 and $60,108 annually while those in freight forwarding industry earn between $34,636 and $61,309. Male over the road truck drivers also make more money compared to their female counterparts.

On the other hand, truck drivers’ salaries vary greatly from one state to the other. For example, truck drivers working in Houston can expect to make an annual salary of between $33,900 and $60,400 while those trucking in Los Angeles can expect to make between $37,600 and $72,240 over the same period of time. As you look at these figures, it is important to note that they do not include overtime and bonuses given to over the road truckers, which could be substantial depending with a number of factors.

Which trucking companies offer Over the road trucking jobs?

Mostly, OTR trucking jobs are offered by companies offering long haul and short haul freight services across the country and region. There are thousands of over the road trucking jobs across the country. It is estimated that OTR trucking job opportunities will grow by a huge margin over the next few years thus increasing the prospects of job seekers.